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Auckland City Mission.
Bad Gifts For Good.

How 99 and Auckland City Mission used gifts that didn’t exist to solve problems that did.

Kiwis often get to the other side of Christmas and feel guilty at the waste because we have been overly excessive. Couple that with a society that is on a mission to reduce waste and it’s quite the paradox. We want to do good as a society but we don’t want it to get in the way of Christmas joy.

So, we launched Bad Gifts For Good, an ecommerce store that let people buy novelty products that didn’t exist, to help alleviate problems that do. Each item relevant to an aspect of Auckland City Mission’s work, so everyone could understand how each donation would help.

The recipient received an ecard and an accompanying unboxing video. They could experience the dopamine hit of unwrapping their gift but enjoy a much more lasting feeling of knowing they had done good. And without any landfill at all.

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We received more donations from more donors than ever before. Plus it created zero waste.

Alexis Sawyer, ACM Team Leader: Fundraising

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