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New World.
Epic Easter Hunt.

How 99 made Easter even sweeter for Kiwi kids.

To help make New World’s Easter celebrations bigger and better than ever, 99 created the Epic Easter Hunt, an innovative mobile-based experience that gave users the chance to help the Easter Bunny find virtual eggs hidden down the aisles. This engaging app effectively turned the in-store environment into a giant playground for kids (giving mums some much-needed peace to get the shopping done).

It received a huge number of downloads, and led to New World’s highest confectionary sales period ever, making it a bit of a game changer for the both the brand and the category.

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  • AR
  • Creative
  • Influencers
  • Motion Graphics
  • Point Of Sale
  • Radio
  • UX
Bigger than the biggest egg hunt recorded by Guinness Book Of Records.

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