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New World.
Little Shop.

How 99 made New World stores much, much bigger, by making the contents much, much smaller.

New World Little Shop was the in-store promotion that exploded out of store, and absolutely gripped New Zealand’s media.

For every $40 spent in store, customers would receive tiny versions of classic Kiwi products. Tip-Top ice cream, Bluebird chips, Whitakers chocolate, shoppers could take home any of dozens of miniature goods. And these goodies soon became a collectable craze larger than Pokémon Go, before there even was a Pokémon Go.

The need to complete sets drove people in store, and online. New World’s growth doubled during the promotional period, and chatter about Little Shop collections dominated New Zealand’s Facebook feeds. In fact, for those that couldn’t get just the right miniature to complete their set, a black market spontaneously formed on TradeMe, leading to $394,000 in sales (New World didn’t get that money, but we sure are taking credit).

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Who ever came up with these needs a Pulitzer prize, a Nobel prize, a UN prize, a Gold medal, and presidency for life of the country of their choice.

Mike Hosking

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