The Business

Spark Digital

Spark came to us to create a case study about their partnership
 with BurgerFuel, and how, through the installation of Spark fibre, BurgerFuel could realise its vision to create an in-store radio station to offer an enhanced customer experience.

The thing is, case study videos can be boring. Detailed and product focused, they can turn off a marketing manager who may not understand the technology. Or they can be so light that a CTO doesn’t get enough information. So we reinvented the case study, using smart digital technology to tell the Radio BurgerFuel story in a way that inspires and provides enough detail to motivate many audiences.

  • Audio
  • Content Creation
  • Creative
  • Digital
  • Motion Graphics
  • Social
  • Television
  • UX

Audience and insight

We were speaking to a range of decision makers in larger New Zealand companies, from the CEO and technically-minded CTO to the customer-focused CMO. These people can influence their company’s technology decisions and have a vested interest in doing so, since they understand technology’s role in making their organisation more innovative, faster and more efficient.

To get a better picture of our audience types, we created a persona for each, using qualitative research as our base and overlaying factors like decision-making processes and everyday frustrations. We confirmed our belief that customer experience is a driving force for our audience and therefore focused the case study on BurgerFuel’s goal to offer a memorable customer experience every time, and how Spark digital provided the technology to make this goal happen.

Burger Fuel Case Study - Audience and insight
Burger Fuel Case Study - The Concept

The Concept

The concept, called ‘Behind The Business’, has a dual meaning. It looks behind the scenes at BurgerFuel and shows how Spark is behind this business, supporting BurgerFuel’s customer experience ambitions through technology.

To create something different than the usual ‘talking head’ case study, we used WireWax technology – an interactive tool that lets the user deep dive into videos within the main video. So, the marketing manager who’s interested in customer experience can choose to watch that video, and our CTO or CIO can get more detailed product content.

The Execution

The BurgerFuel case study consists of a main overview story plus deep dive video links:

  • The unique customer experience at BurgerFuel
  • A listen to Radio BurgerFuel online
  • A showcase of the BurgerFuel fibre story
  • More detail about what’s next for BurgerFuel
 and technology

View BurgerFuel Case Study

We also created digital banner ads and a YouTube pre-roll that was a cut-down movie trailer style teaser of the case study itself.