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The six week lead up to Christmas is the most competitive time of the year for supermarket retailers. Competition is fierce, with up to $250 million up for grabs every week in the grocery category alone.

Subsequently, Kiwi shoppers are bombarded with frenzied price and product messages to capitalise on the most indulgent shopping period of the year. So, how could we find a fresh way to stand out in the midst of this retail shouting match, and win the New Zealand Christmas battleground?

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Audience and insight

Broadly speaking, we were targeting household shoppers 25-54 yo. But in truth we knew we were dealing with a much wider audience - basically any customer we’d dealt with throughout the year, from the most loyal right through to shoppers who habitually shop around for a deal.

After all, at this point in time everyone’s busy planning a festive get together of some sort from mum planning the Christmas dinner to Grandma planning the annual family gathering, and all the orphans' Christmases and office parties in between.

A Little Christmas Magic - Audience and Insight
A Little Christmas Magic - The Concept

The Concept

The challenge we set for ourselves was to create something that resonated so strongly with shoppers’ hearts and minds, it could potentially go on to become an enduring symbol of the Kiwi Christmas.

The answer came in the form of an enigmatic
 New World staff member named Noel, a mature, white-haired gentleman who’d seemingly been brought in to help out during the busy festive season.

Over the course of two charming TV spots, Noel attracted plenty of sideways glances, laughs, smiles and general good cheer, all thanks to a striking, almost suspicious resemblance to a certain jolly, bearded Christmas icon. And happily, these days Noel has unquestionably become one in his own right too.

The Execution

Creating a brand layer was the key to the strategy. Forming that emotional connection with consumers enabled us to stand out with understated charm, while other retailers chose to shout.

Subsequently TV, Cinema and online video were chosen to create maximum impact in the lead up to Christmas, keeping New World top of mind during this crucial period.

Price and product, digital banners and social also played key roles to support Noel’s presence, carrying on momentum via numerous retail change-outs throughout the campaign period.

A Little Christmas Magic - The Execution

The Results

It’s no stretch to say that Noel has become arguably New Zealand’s most iconic Christmas campaign ever.

Measures from 2014-2016 consistently showed that the New World Christmas campaign stood head and shoulders above its competitor's campaigns, thanks in no small part to this lovable character, helping them gain valuable ground during this crucial period year-on-year.


on the New Zealand advertising top ten in 2016


return on investment
A Little Christmas Magic - The Results - Cart

of likes, shares and comments on New World’s Facebook page over the 2014-16 campaign period


New World blitzed their primary sales target in 2015


on the New Zealand advertising top ten in 2016

of likes, shares and comments on New World’s Facebook page over the 2014-16 campaign period


return on investment


New World blitzed their primary sales target in 2015

In 2014, Noel was awarded the December Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award.

Just love the New World Christmas ads, always make me smile

I love that ad, it gives me goosebumps ha!

Bloody effective advertising, getting all the feels

Thanks for these adverts. So wonderful to put some fun and magic into the festive period for us adults as well as the kids!

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