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For the last few years, discounting has been one of the few ways for NZ’s energy companies to acquire new customers – a tactic that comes at a considerable cost to the business.

Genesis Energy challenged us to gain new customers without relying on discounting or winback offers.

  • Customer Journeys
  • Digital Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Online Advertising

Audience and insight

Overall, energy supply is a low-interest category. Consumers are not loyal and typically respond to the best deal in the market.

To gain a better picture of the person we were trying to acquire, we looked at Genesis Energy’s existing customers in detail, and discovered that different demographic segments consume energy in very different ways.

This insight led us to create ‘Energy Your Way’ - a customised approach for someone to find the best Genesis Energy utility plan for his or her household.

Energy Your Way - Audience and insight
Energy Your Way - The Concept

The Concept

At its heart, Energy Your Way consists of a quick, online plan finder questionnaire that lets potential customers define their property, household, the mix of electricity 
and gas, and price considerations such 
as flexible terms or lowest everyday price.

When completed, customers get
 a ‘best match’ plan recommendation plus two additional plan suggestions. And what makes this even better is that they can join Genesis Energy on the spot, in a process that takes less 
than 5 minutes.

The Execution

We looked at the online profiles of our different audiences and used banner ads on the websites they view most to pose targeted questions:

New parents: Got a bundle of joy?
Empty nesters: Kids flown the coop?
Bach and crib owners: Love getting out of town?
New property owners: On the move?

Energy Your Way - The Execution
Energy Your Way - The Execution

This targeting let us be very direct and use multiple messages in many markets. All online media drove viewers to the plan finder.

Creatively, we built a 3D world for each audience, giving the unique questions a lightbox feel (lit and powered by Genesis Energy). Smaller 3D objects further reflected each plan and added eye-catching charm and personality to the banners. While definitely engaging in static form, the banners really come to life when animated.

This campaign was tracking on par with last year’s campaign but without the high cost of acquisition inherent in that offer that relied on heavy discounting. There’s also something to talk about in regards to this being a strategic, customer journey focused piece of work that offered leads to the sales team and enabled Genesis Energy to keep in touch with new customers throughout their first year.

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